How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

This might be the most important post on the blog.

As I was writing the previous post about kokedamas I ran into this very frustrating problem. We (bf and I) are spending a lot of time in my future flower shop- woot, woot - building shelves, painting and stuff so I took a few bottles of wine and the only corkscrew I own to the shop and left it there.

So there I was, pounding a shoe against a stud for the last fifteen minutes with no progress whatsoever. Nothing found on the Internet worked either but despite all the obstacles I am enjoying a nice glass of good French red as I'm writing this. If my way will help even one girl to enjoy a glass of wine after a long day that will do it for me.

Here is what I did. I got a medium size knife and cut off the top of the wrapping. Then I pushed the knife all the way in as hard as I could and got it out. I pushed the knife in and pulled it out again perpendicular to the first cut to form a cross. Now starting closer to the edge I started cutting pieces of the cork out. When I got about half of the cork out I had to make another cross cut to help get the pieces out easier. When it felt like I got most of the cork out it was the time to push the rest of the cork inside the bottle. DO NOT do what I did here. You are going to go very gently and not make a huge mess in the kitchen and get half of that bottle on yourself. Very gently start pushing the rest of the cork in. It may be helpful to do it over a sink and to tilt the bottle away from yourself as you go. Go slowly and keep pushing the rest of the cork in until you feel it falling into the liquid. Ta-daa!  Enjoy your wine ;)


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