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Kokedama Tutorial

Popsugar did an article on Fedor van der Valk and his kokedama gardens a few years ago and I was absolutely mesmerized by his creations. It took me two years to get my stuff together and try and recreate one. Haha, not really. I didn't think I could get a hold of the right materials and that a plant would survive living in a ball of moss. Well, it's been two months since I planted my first kokedama and the moss ball + the plant are doing great and are not showing any signs of dying. If I did it I'm confident you and anybody can do it too and have your own hanging string garden. So here's what you need. A plant. Since it is an experiment I suggest...

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How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

This might be the most important post on the blog. As I was writing the previous post about kokedamas I ran into this very frustrating problem. We (bf and I) are spending a lot of time in my future flower shop- woot, woot - building shelves, painting and stuff so I took a few bottles of wine and the only corkscrew I own to the shop and left it there. So there I was, pounding a shoe against a stud for the last fifteen minutes with no progress whatsoever. Nothing found on the Internet worked either but despite all the obstacles I am enjoying a nice glass of good French red as I'm writing this. If my way will help even one girl to enjoy a glass of...

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Krohn Conservatory Cincinnati Inspo

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year and it was the perfect day to go to Krohn for a stroll and to get inspired. If you’ve never been to Krohn Conservatory, it’s a beautiful greenhouse with more than 3,500 species of plants from around the world ( my favorites always happen to be from Australia) with additional exhibits that change throughout the year. I am definitely stealing a few ideas for the flower shop, especially this hanging living wall- too cool!        I can totally live my life with this fabulous wall as a backdrop. Love-love. 

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